Neon AudibleAI Skills
Enabling new advanced conversational AI hardware and software for home and business
Call me Neon. I am a conversational artificial intelligence, augmented with Inc copyrighted code, and CPI Corp patented technology.
I'm an intelligent personal assistant. Here are the skills I know:
Basic AI SkillsTime, Weather, Spelling, Math, Stocks, Jokes, and answers to your most important questions - all at the sound of your voice.
Device Control: OpenHAB for home automation comes standard. You can easily control your home with the sound of your voice. 
AVPlayPlay music you love, anywhere - absolutely free! Just say Neon AVPlay followed with an artist, song, title, genre, or combination - its up to you! More interested in news? We have you covered with a live NPR stream. Just say "Neon play the latest news"
Caffeine Wiz:  Dedicated to helping users determine the caffeine content of popular coffee drinks, beverages, and boosters.
Recording Skills: Take pictures, videos, and audio recordings. 
TranscriptsNeon will email, or audibly announce full transcripts of your interactions so you will never miss a thing!
Track My BrandsKeeps track of the brands that matter to you - as well as ones that do not. Get coupons and special offers that are only available to our users.
TranslateThe translation tool allows you to communicate with NeonX, and the people around you, in real time. You could learn a new language in your free time!
Privacy: We make privacy easy. Clear your likes, brands, transcripts - or all of your personal data, with the sound of your voice.
Notifications: Alarms, reminders, and timers to keep your day on schedule.
System Wakewords: In a group? Let Neon know that there are others in the room, or that you are alone and want attention paid to your every word. 
Dialog Mode: Prefer a more consistent personal assistant? Use Primary. Want to mix it up? Switch to random. It's communication your way.
System Update or Exit: You can update your software or shut down your device audibly. We still allow you to do it the "old fashioned" way, with buttons.

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