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Don’t get left in the AI dust. You want fast, sophisticated AI enablement—and we’ve got it. smiley  From real-time transcription and language translation to smart alerts and database integration, our open source and patented technologies can put your apps and devices ahead of the pack. Neongecko Inc. is a Conversation Processing Systems Company. We produce:

We offer revolutionary products based on proprietary Conversation Processing Intelligence

Conversation Processing Articifial Intelligence Timeline

While speech recording and output have been available since Edison’s invention of the phonograph in 1877, the technology for speech processing was not possible until the digital electronics revolution, and advances in speech recognition have followed Moore’s Law (the density of integrated circuits doubles every two years). 
1952 Bell Labs - Audrey - 10 digits
1962 IBM - Shoebox - 16 English words
1976 Carnegie Mellon - Harpy - 1,011 words
1985 IBM - Tangora - 20,000 words
1990 Dragon - Dictate - Consumer speech recognition 
1993 Carnegie Mellon - Sphynx-II continuous speech recognition
2002 Microsoft - Office
2006 IBM - Watson
2008 Google - Voice Search for iPhones
2011 Apple - Siri
2013 China - Baidu, TenCent, Alibaba
2014 Microsoft - Cortana
2015 Amazon - Alexa
2016 - Open Source Conversational AI
2017 Neon AI™ - Multiplatform Artificial Intelligence Assistant
2018 Amazon - Alexa  API - Application Programming Interface
With Neongecko’s artificial intelligence and conversation processing technologies, the possibilities are virtually endless. Digital Assistants, Social Media, Mobile, Gaming, Marketing, and More!
  • Applications delivering snippets from relevant conversations
  • Smart, personalized alerts and reminders 
  • Timely, targeted ads aimed at consumers who have explicitly expressed interested in a brand
  • Responsive parallel social media conversations like you’ve never seen before

Using the Neon AI Software Development Kit (SDK) developers can quickly enable a broad range of Audible AI applications and devices with conversation processing and conversational AI. The Neon Nano AI iframe is the worlds first flexible chat platform supporting Voice, Speech-to-Text and our Neon voice assistant. Our NeonX and NeonU PCs are full Linux Ubuntu PCs that come “ready to use” with a full office suite and installed Neon conversational Audible AI. Our Adaptive Forums internet chat application is available on over 100 websites. Our Klat Chat is a new, free, and easy way to keep you connected to important people in your life - your friends, family, associates and customers - in parallel, and with language translation and voice output! The Neon Nano AI iFrame is the worlds first flexible chat platform supporting Voice, Speech-to-Text and our Neon voice assistant. 

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New in Speech and Voice Processing from Neongecko
* Add serious Conversational AI to your website in one line of html (or php)
* GitHub availability of Neon AI software development kit (SDK) enables corporate, educational and home speech and voice applications
 * New NeonX and NeonU devices demoed at CES
* Neongecko launches first-of-kind polylingual conversational AI website 


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