I-Like-Coupons Skill

Request the list of coupons, relevant to your current interests.
No special required packages for this skill.
Skill, which works using track my brands database and goes in pair with “i-like-brands” skill, provides the user with a list of the current coupons relevant to the user's areas of interests. Generated coupons, along with transcriptions, can be emailed via send me my coupons command.
Coupons are generated based on the information from selected transcripts file, which gets populater from “i-like-brands” skill. Alternatively, user can ask for specific brand-based coupons, such as tell me coupons for Neon if they do not wish to use “i-like-brands” skill recordings or transcriptions.
In addition, upon request, Neon could recite text or replay audio in user’s voice saying the list of brands that the user showed interest in. The data is collected via “i-like-brands” skill, same as previously.
For example:
  • List the brands I like
  • Here are your brands: {list of names of the brand in the user's voice}
How to Use
First of all, make sure that you introduced yourself to Neon and told him your email address, if not already on file. The audible coupons will still be available without it, but in order to email any of them to you, Neon needs to learn some information about you.
If you try to request the coupons without ever mentioning any of your preferences via “i-like-brands” skill, you will get prompted to specify at least one entry using the phrase i like brandname, where brandname can be anything you prefer from the list of available brands in our database. For more information, visit “i-like-brands” skill.
Accordingly, if you haven’t mentioned anything in a few days but did say some of your preferences previously, Neon will try to find those entries and reference them in your coupons generation.
If you are not sure about which rands you mentioned previously, you can always say tell me my likes and Neon will recite the entries back to you. There are two ways to do that: via text and via the playback of your own voice saying the preferences. You can choose the format by saying read me my likes or tell me my likes, respectfully.
Alternatively, you can just specify a certain brand that you would like to get the coupon for and avoid using “i-like-brands” skill via the tell me coupons for brandname command.
Pick any of the listed options above and say, based on you desired scenario, tell me my coupons or tell me coupons for brandname for audible coupons; or email me my coupons for the message generation; and enjoy the results.
    Tell me my coupons.
        >> Here are the coupons you liked, provided by TrackMyBrands:
        >> ...
    Send me my coupons.
        >> Sending coupons to daniel@neongecko.com
Class Diagram
If you don't seem to be able to connect to our server in order to get new brand-coupon pair, check that you ssh keys were integrated appropriately. Please see Instructions.md for more information.
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