AVmusic Skill 


Provides the video/audio playback of any music or video request made by the user. No need to specify the location of the files or register any accounts. Just say what you would like to listen to and enjoy.


The skill provides the functionality to playback any audio or video requested by the user. It will draw a new media-player window to accomodate the request and play the selected content.
The video-player of choice for this skill is MPV, pre-installed by Neon at startup. AVmusic implements full integration of youtube_dl services and supports requests including but not limited to:
  • Music bands
  • Albums
  • Playlists
  • Specific songs
  • Radio
  • News
  • Tutorials
  • Mixes
  • Publicly available episodes of TV shows
  • Publicly available movies
  • Short clips
AVmusic supports audio commands to stop, pause, and resume the playback of the currently playing video. If you requested a playlist, you will see a list of available titles on the left side of your opened video-player window.
As of now, you can only have one instance (window) of MPV open at a time. If you invoke another playback request while watching something else, your current window will be closed and the new one will popup in its place.
If you are typing your command in the terminal instead of audibly speaking it, don’t worry about the typos or spelling - AVmusic will correct it for you.

How to Use

First, make your request:
Say “Hey Neon” if you are in the wake words mode, otherwise include "Neon" at the beginning of your request. Make sure to follow the pattern of "AV play artist or song name" or "play some artist or song name" and add "music" or any combination of the following commands to your request: “playlist, repeat, video”.
For example:
  • "play some Imagine Dragons music on repeat"
  • "av play study music playlist"
  • “av play the news”
  • “play a cookie baking tutorial video"
Secondly, wait for Neon to reply with “Would you like me to play it now?”. Reply with a positive answer, such as "yes", "continue", "go ahead", or a negative one, such as "no", "nevermind", "cancel".
If you opt for a negative answer, Neon will ask you to let me know if you change your mind later and want to play the requested video or audio at a different time. This option has a timeout of 50 seconds. Neon will forget about that request after the timeout. If you do wish to play the requested playback, simply say “Actually, go ahead” and the skill will continue processing.
After Neon hears the positive confirmation from you, the requested video or audio will open. If you were skipping wake words, the device will switch to the wake words required mode. It will switch back to your preferred setting after the playback is done or cancelled.
At this point you can say commands like pause, resume, next, and previous. Each command has a 30 second timeout.
“Hey Neon, stop” will close the window and all subprocesses associated with it.
If there is a problem with locating the requested audio or video at any point, Neon will prompt you to try again with a different request by saying “Actually, i could not find the music you were looking for. Could you try again?“ If the failed request worked previously, please refer to the Troubleshooting


    Play some ac dc album   
         >> Would you like me to play it now?   
    yes/ go ahead/ proceed   
         >> Say “Hey Neon, stop” when you are done
-- or --
    Neon play a rock music playlist   
         >> Would you like me to play it now?   
         >> Let me know if you change your mind.   
    Actually, go ahead   
         >> Say “Hey Neon, stop” when you are done.




All of the requirements should be installed automatically during original Neon’s setup. If you have any problems, or are adding the skill later on, please feel free to contact our team for support or use the following instructions to install the requirements manually:

MPV, which is the default video-player.

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:mc3man/mpv-tests    
sudo apt update && sudo apt install mpv  

youtube_dl, which is used for the internal process of acquiring the source of required playback.

source ${core}/.venv/bin/activate 
pip --no-cache-dir install -q -U youtube_dl  

If AVmusic stops working but nothing has been changed in the skill’s code, it might be caused by the outdated youtube_dl version. Try running our update script or execute the following steps to manually update youtube_dl:

source ${core}/.venv/bin/activate 
pip install --upgrade youtube_dl   

Class Diagram

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There is a known issue for youtube_dl, where the playback for certain videos and audio files will be temporarily unavailable if you request to listen to the same song and/or video multiple times in a row over a few days. The solution is to avoid requesting the same playback over and over again, try to word your request differently, or wait some time for the limitations to wear off.
Additionally, youtube_dl is currently under active development. Make sure to stay up-to-date by running Neon's update script or use the manual requirements instructions to do it yourself.
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