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Imagine what you can do with Neongecko’s state-of-the-art enabling technologies. 

Using the Neon SDK, software and hardware developers can quickly enable a broad range of Audible AI applications and devices with conversation processing and conversational AI. Full stack application developers can incorporate new AI skills that include real-time transcription, translation, conversations, device control, audible gestures (like claps) and much more from the Neon software development kit.
The Neon Software Development Kit offers advanced AI and Natural Language Understanding with help from the following:

Node.js  Socket.io WebRTC 
Stun / Turn Servers HTML5 Audio Video HTML5 STT 
AWS Services Google Services Mimic TTS
OpenHab Controls MySQL  Ubuntu 18.04
Mycroft.ai  PyCharm & PhpStorm Python 3 & JS

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