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Introducing the Neon AI Communicator for Android 
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Basic Skills Demonstration:
"Tell me a joke" Neon: "If loving you is ROM ..."
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Translation Skill (French and German)
Caffeine Wiz Skill Demonstration
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Neon X 

Set a Reminder (audible)
Take a Picture (audible)

Neon X Individual Skill Demonstrations
Shut Down (audible)
Exit (audible)
Decrease Volume (audible)
Increase Volume (audible)
I like Neongecko (notification)
I like Google (notification)
I do not like Apple (notification)
Take a Picture (audible)
Spanish Translation
Russian Translation

Neon X Single Language Translations

Neon AI Software Development Kit Installation and Programming 
Instructional Videos with Transcriptions 
Installing the Neon SDK on an Ubuntu Linux System https://neongecko.com/NeonAISDKInstructionsVideo
Creating AI Skills part 1: Using Adapt https://neongecko.com/CreatingYourFirstNeonAISkillpart1
Creating AI Skills part 2: Using Regex https://neongecko.com/CreatingYourFirstNeonAISkillpart2 
Creating AI Skills part 3: Using Padatious https://neongecko.com/CreatingYourFirstNeonAISkillpart3
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