Volume Skill

Control microphone and speaker audio levels.
This skill controls the audio level and mute status for the default input and output device. You may increment volume, set to a specified level, or mute/unmute. You may also query the current volume and microphone level.
How to Use
First, make your request:
Say “Hey Neon” if you are in the wake words mode.
  • "mute speakers"
  • "unmute speakers"
  • “set microphone to 70 percent”
  • “decrease volume”
  • "what is the volume"

Neon will respond with the new audio level.

    Unmute volume
          >> Volume restored to 90.
    Decrease volume
         >> Volume set to 80 percent.
    What is the microphone level?
         >> The microphone level is at 70 percent.
PulseAudio is required and installed by default with most Linux distributions.
Class Diagram
Make sure the correct default audio devices are selected (see 3. Setting Up Hardware in the instructions).
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