USB-Cam Skill

Take pictures and videos.
The skill allows you to capture pictures and videos and saves them to your local device.
How to Use
First, make your request:
Say “Hey Neon” if you are in the wake words mode.
  • "neon take a picture"
  • "neon take a video"
  • “neon record for 30 seconds”
  • "neon show me my last picture"
If you are taking a new picture or video, you will hear an audible shutter. After the picture or video is captured, it will be displayed on screen.
If you are requesting your most recent picture or video, a notification sound will play and the image will be displayed on screen.
    Take a picture   
         >> *shutter* 
    Video record for 10 seconds   
         >> Recording for 10 seconds
    Show me my last picture
         >> Here you go.
This skill requires a camera connected and configured to work in Linux.
The above requirements should be installed automatically, but can be installed manually:
```bash sudo apt install fswebcam streamer mpv```
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Class Diagram
Ensure your webcam is connected and working in Ubuntu, you can check functionality in Cheese.
bash sudo apt install cheese
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