Provides an option to send current logs via email.
This skill requires a remote server be configured to receive uploads and send emails, by default this is configured for64.34.186.92.
The skill provides the functionality to truncate and upload Neon logs that are then sent to the user email configured inngi_user_info.yml.
How to Use
First, make your request:
Say “Hey Neon” if you are in the wake words mode and then "create a troubleshooting package"
If you do not have an email address configured, Neon will respond:
"I don't know your email address. You can tell me by saying 'Neon, my email address is..."
    Create a support ticket   
    >> One moment.
    >> I've sent an email to your registered account with debugging information and instructions for contacting support.    
Class Diagram
If you do not see your troubleshooting email, check your spam folder.
Contact Support
reginaneon neongeckocom Mycroft AI djmcknight358

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