Personal Skill

Skill used for introduction between the user and Neon.
No special required packages for this skill.
Personal skill is responsible for introductions and information-acquiring communications between Neon and the user. Neon will use it to introduce himself, explain what and who he is, where he was born, and when it happened. In addition, it will obtain the user’s full, partial, or just a first name, along with the email address, in order to use it for coupons and transcriptions.
How to Use
Ask Neon any question you would like to learn the answer to, such as where were you born, who are you, when were you born. Neon will prompt you to learn more information about you in return, so he can address you by your first name later down the road. Alternatively, you can introduce yourself by saying Neon my name is and waiting for a reply.
    who are you
        >> My name is Neon. I am an artificial intelligence personal assistant augmented with Neon Gecko dot com Inc copyrighted code and CPI Corp patented technology.
Class Diagram
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