Neon AI Skills List
Enabling new advanced conversational AI hardware and software for home and business
Call me Neon.
I am a conversational artificial intelligence assistant, augmented with code, and Conversation Processing Intelligence technology.
I am equipped with many skills to make your life easier, and more fun!
Alerts The skill provides functionality to create alarms, timers and reminders.  "Neon set an alarm for 9:30 AM"; "Set a 5 minute timer"; "Neon enable quiet hours"
AVmusic Plays music and videos by audible or textual request.   "Play some JS Bach music"; "Pause"; "AVPlay the news"; "AVPlay cookie baking tutorial"
Record and playback short audio clips with Neon.
"Neon start recording"; "Neon record 5 minutes of Audio"; "Neon erase audio recording"
Provides the caffeine content of one or multiple drinks on request.
"How much caffeine in {drink}"; "What is the caffeine content of Coca-Cola"
Have Neon help you change and control your user settings.
"Enable Clap Commands"; "Neon begin skipping wake words"; "Clear my user data"; "Use metric"; "Use imperial"; "Talk faster"
Get Neon to speak the time, date, or day of the week of any city around the globe.
"What time is it?"; "What time is it in Paris?"; "What's the date?"; "What day is it?"
Skill that lets Neon catch user’s preferences from the list of available brands.
"I like neon"; "I do not like Alpha"; "I like Amazon"; "Tell me coupons for Microsoft"
I-Like-Coupons Request coupons relevant to your likes and interests. "Tell me my coupons"; "List the brands I like"; "Send me my coupons"; "Email me my coupons"
Retrieves the IP address, and responds verbally to the user.
"What is my ip address?"; "Tell me your IP address"; "Whats my IP?"
Let Neon tell you a joke or a small humorous saying.
"Tell me a joke"; "Tell me an adult joke"; "How about a neutral joke"; "Make me laugh"
Put Neon to sleep when you don't want to be disturbed.
"Nap time"; "Go to sleep"; "Hey Neon, wake up"
Control of smart devices connected to an openHAB server on the same network.
"List my home control items"; "Turn on desk lamp"; "Dim room light to 20%"
Skill used for introduction between the user and Neon.
"Who are you"; "When were you born?"; "What is your name?"
Neon can repeat you, or say what you want.
"Say hello"; "Say Goodnight Gracie"; "Speak I can say anything you'd like!"
Neon can help you spell words. 
"Spell microphone"; "How do you spell Aardvark?"
Stock  This skill provides up to date stock values. "What is the share price for IBM"; "What is the stock price for Microsoft?"
Stop Stops the actions of any Neon AI skill that is in progress. "Stop"; "Silence"; "Neon Be Quiet"; "Shut up"
Provides an option to send current logs and get support via email.
"Create a support ticket"; "Create a troubleshooting package"
Provides translation, switching TTS/STT languages functionality, and more.
"Speak to me in Spanish"; "Translate cherry to Russian"; "Speak to me in English and French"
Take pictures and videos with Neon AI. 
"Video record for 10 seconds"; "Neon take a video"; "Neon show me my last picture"
Control microphone and speaker audio levels with your voice.
"Increase volume"; "Decrease volume"; "Mute volume", "Neon Set volume to 8"
Weather Get the current weather and forecast info audibly.  "What is the weather in Paris?"; "What is the forecast for Seattle?"; "When will it rain next?"
Have Neon help you change and control your WiFi settings with your voice.
"Start WiFi Setup"; "My network name is"; "My password is"
Query [Wikipedia] for answers to your questions. Summary or in-depth information.
"Tell me about the internet"; "Search for chocolate"; "Tell me about beans"; "Tell me more"
Create your own or use text script files shared by other users.
"Neon run my <script name> skill file"
Primary core device skill responsible for handling multiple system commandss.
"Show Neon thinking", "I want you to begin {dialogmode}" 
Skill used to launch programs in Ubuntu.
"Launch Chrome"
Skill used to test your internet speed. 
"Run a speed test"

Fallback and Advanced Skills

Use of DuckDuckGo services as a fallback to answer questions.
Duck-duck-go Fallback Skill
Unknown request fallback handler. Executes if every other step failed to answer.
Unknown Fallback Skill
General knowledge fallback handler based on [Wolfram Alpha] services.
Wolfram Fallback Skill
Mycroft-Pairing Enables use of Mycroft’s STT and other services. Advanced Skill

Skills are limited to platform capabilities. Not all skills are available on Nano, Android, Klat and Neon U.

Neon AI Skill and Intents List for Programmers
about   audio-record   custom-conversation   launcher   speak
license_intent   AR_ConfirmNo   SetDefault   browse_website_intent   speak_back_hand
list_skills_intent   AR_ConfirmYes   StartCustom   launch_program_intent   speed-test
alerts   AudioRecordListIntent   TellAvailableScripts   messaging   runSpeedTestIntent
ALRT_ConfirmNo   AudioRecordSkillDeleteIntent   UpdateScripts   DraftEmailIntent   spelling
ALRT_ConfirmYes   AudioRecordSkillIntent   date-time   DraftSmsIntent   SpellingIntent
alternate_reminder   AudioRecordSkillPlayIntent   handle_query_date   mycroft-pairing   stock
cancel_alarm   Avmusic   handle_query_time   PairingIntent   StockPrice.intent
cancel_reminder   AVmusic_intent   device-control-center   openhab   stop
cancel_reminder   not_now_intent   change_dialog.intent   Cycle_StatusIntent   StopIntent
cancel_timer   playback_control_intent   clear_data_intent   Dimmer_StatusIntent   support-helper
create_alarm   playnow_intent   confirm_no   ListItemsIntent
create_event   CaffeineWiz   confirm_numeric.intent   OnOff_StatusIntent   synonyms
create_reminder   Caffeine_no_intent   confirm_yes   RefreshTaggedItemsIntent   sym
create_timer   Caffeine_update   dev_skip_ww_finish.intent   RenameIntent   translation
end_quiet_hours   CaffeineContentGoodbyeIntent   dev_skip_ww_start.intent   ScanNewItemsIntent   I_prefer
list_alarms   CaffeineContentIntent   exit_shutdown_intent   SetTemp_StatusIntent   LangMenu
list_alerts   CaffeineYesIDoIntent   show_demo.intent   Toggle_StatusIntent   OnlyOne
list_events   controls   update_neon   What_StatusIntent   SetMyLanguage
list_reminders   BlinkMenu   fallback-wolfram-alpha   personal   SetMyPrimaryLanguage
list_timers   BlinkSet   Info   bday_profile   SetMySecondaryLanguage
next_alarm   CallYou   i-like-brands   ChangeUser   SetPreferredLanguage
next_event   ChangeMeasuring   IDoNotLikeKeyword.intent   conf_intent   SettingsLanguage
next_reminder   ChangeWW   ILikeKeyword.intent   emailaddr   STTChange
next_timer   ClapMenu   showbrands.intent   HowAreYouIntent   TalkToMeKeyword
snooze_alert   ClapSet   i-like-coupons   KlatUserName   usb-cam
start_quiet_hours   ConfirmListening   MyBrandIntent   LoginKlat   ShowLastIntent.intent
timer_status   DenyTranscription   MyCoupIntent   LoginName   TakePicIntent.intent
weather   Hesitation   SendEmailCoup   MyEmailBack   TakeVidIntent.intent
handle_current_weather   NeonBrain   SendEmailTr   MyNameBack   volume
handle_forecast_weather   NoHesitation   UpdateBrands   MyPassBack   DecreaseVolume
wifi-setup   PermitTranscription   ip-address   name_profile   IncreaseVolume
agree_intent   SpeakSpeed   IPIntent   no_intent   MuteVolume
NetworkIntent   StartBlinker   joke   WhatAreYouIntent   QueryVolume
not_now_intent   UpdateLocation   AdultJokeIntent   WhatIsYourName   SetVolume
PasswordIntent   UpdateTimeZone   ChuckJokeIntent   WhenWereYouBornIntent   UnmuteVolume
StartIntent   USC_ConfirmNo   JokingIntent   WhereAmIIntent    
wiki   USC_ConfirmYes   NeutralJokeIntent   WhereWereYouBornIntent    
WikiInfo           WhoAreYouIntent    
WikiMore           WhoMadeYouIntent    



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