Neongecko Inc. Launches “Neon AI SDK” – A New Polylingual Artificial Intelligence Software Development Kit
Customizable Conversation Processing for Business, Education and Home for Interactive Applications, Internet Websites, Home Automation, Voice-Controlled Devices

Renton, WA - May 24, 2019 - Inc. today unveiled the “Neon AI Software Development Kit for Conversation Processing” (Neon AI SDK), the most advanced system for developing conversational AI applications. Recent market data shows that voice and image will be used for 50% of searches in 2020, and by 2025 more than 50% of all human-computer interactions will be through voice (a.k.a. Conversational AI).

The Neon AI SDK is the first platform that is preconfigured to enable software developers and hardware designers to quickly produce a full range of voice controlled devices, home automation, smart speakers, interactive applications and conversational websites.

Neon AI is an “AI Assistant” with a full set of conversational skills. For example users can say “Play happy birthday”, “What’s 17.95 plus 22.87?”, “What’s the weather in Paris?”, “Translate cherry to Russian”, “Speak to me in Spanish”, “Tell me my coupons” and “Email me my transcripts”. The Neon AI SDK is a fully customizable conversational AI platform that performs full-featured AI skills.

Think Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana - with open source code. 

The “Neon AI SDK” provides Natural Language Understanding from audio, video, speech-to-text and gestures, and provide responses using text-to-speech, playing audio files, device operation, and home controls through OpenHAB automation. The Neon AI SDK is available on GitHub. It is a Linux/Python/Java application that runs under Ubuntu, optionally under MS Windows, and includes skills from Mycroft AI.

The Neon AI SDK is a "white label system" ready to use and ready for custom programming. Neon AI provides Conversation Processing for Conversational AI, Real-time Speech-to-Text, Transcription, Language Translation, Database Integration, Text-to-Speech and AI Skills.

Educational users at all levels are supported. Classroom and home education are facilitated with free software and low cost hardware. Fully functional systems start at $299 including Intel PC, 8GB, 256GB SSD, camera, microphone, wifi, bluetooth, ethernet and pre-installed conversational artificial intelligence software (display and speakers are required, touchscreens are supported). 

Corporate developers can use the Neon AI SDK to provide their own proprietary Conversational Assistant, for example for voice access to company databases, and optionally with their own custom in-house skills. Homes and retail stores can be equipped with custom “greeters”.

Hardware designers and device developers can use the Neon AI SDK to make customized versions of Neon AI that respond to their brand name and execute custom programed commands. For instance, a developer could customize the Neon AI SDK to make a branded Conversational Assistant named “Elon”, develop a skill to “open my car windows”, and then the Conversational Assistant could accept the command, “Elon open my driver side window.” 

The technology behind Neon AI is an integrated suite of services for conversation processing, natural language understanding, translation and AI technologies capable of enabling a multitude of products and services. The Neon AI SDK integrates many services that provide a broad range of conversational AI capabilities. The Neon AI SDK includes for industry standard Python development.

Neongecko demonstration videos, showing use cases of the Neon AI SDK, are available on the company’s website Neon AI demonstration devices and applications include standard websites with Neon Nano™; standard Intel based PCs; a universal smart speaker device NeonU™; a next-generation audio video enabled notebook pc NeonX™; and conversational AI enabled websites (using Google Chrome - no app or plug-in required). Neon AI enables the conversational website to use real-time speech-to-text processing for transcriptions and translations, to enable AI skills, and for participation in multiple simultaneous conversations in a single browser session. Conversation segments can be spoken or typed, and can be internal business conversations, business to end-user sales, business to end-user support, end-user to end-user social media, or simply connections between family and friends.

Conversational AI Systems Architecture

Regina Bloomstine, Lead SDK Software Developer, highlighted the advantage of working with the Neon AI conversation technology: “We developed the Neon AI SDK to be a full-featured application development environment for developers to create highly-effective conversational AI products based on our system. Our goal has been to provide a comprehensive set of intuitive AI and speech processing tools in a cohesive custom application development environment. With the code base in Python, developers will very quickly see how to modify, customize, and enhance the Neon AI to meet their requirements. We utilize unique combinations of technologies for speech-to-text, text-to-speech, transcription, translation and real-time device control to make the new generation of voice commands and conversational AI processing easily accessible.”

Daniel McKnight, SDK Developer Relations Manager and Software Developer, highlights the advantage of working with an SDK: “You can have a fully functional, customizable, polylingual, artificial intelligence assistant in less than an hour, absolutely free. If you are a Python developer, with simple command line experience, using Neongecko’s state-of-the-art conversational AI SDK will save you many weeks over the alternative of cobbling together your own individual tools. It’s simply easier to build on our open platform.”

Richard Leeds, Founder and President of Neongecko, said: “Neongecko’s mission is to provide new applications and software development tools for conversation processing and conversational AI that improve productivity, enable better human-computer voice interactions, and facilitate social applications in multiple languages and in multiple media. Our Neon AI SDK enables integrating voice into existing applications and for new applications, in many fields from medicine to gaming to marketing. The future is voice, not keyboards, and new capabilities such as audio likes.”

The “Neon AI Software Development Kit for Conversational AI (Neon AI SDK)” is showcased in more than 100 public demonstration videos showing conversational AI skills, database queries, audible advertising coupons and polylingual translation, at the website Neon AI SDK software source code is available on GitHub.

Contact Joshua Rekitt to arrange review copies, GitHub credentials, evaluation hardware and software assistance - cell 206-773-6536.


About Neongecko
Neongecko Inc. works together with Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. Neongecko Inc. is a developer of advanced technology tools, applications, websites and systems. 
Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. is the owner/inventor of 8 patents for conversation processing and related applications, granted in the US, Europe and China. Inc. and CPI Corp. are located in the Seattle-metro area in Washington State. 


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Joshua Rekitt cell 206-773-6536
Richard Leeds 206-854-7100

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