I-Like-Brands Skill 

Skill that lets Neon catch user’s preferences from the list of available brands.
No special required packages for this skill.
This is a skill that acts as a support for Neon’s coupons generation.
I-like-brands is listening for user’s utterances mentioning preferred brands anywhere in the speech throughout the day, given appropriate permissions. Obtained information is then saved as a part of the selected transcriptions - ts_selected_transcripts - accessible to the user, along with the associated user’s audio file, which can be found at ts_transcript_audio_segments.
Every match will be announced with the “ding” sound.
Then, if requested, those lines that should follow the pattern of I like *brandname* are exported to the internal Coupons.py class to generate coupons for discounts and good offers for the user. That request can be made through my-coupons skill.
Before generating any new responses, Neon will check with our remote server to see if any new brands became available for processing.
This skill is a good demonstration on Neon’s handling for information acquisition and work with the remote server.
How to Use
Say phrases like I like/don’t like brandname, where the brandname can be any of the titles mentioned in brandname.entity or at our website - trackmybrands.com. That is also a great place to submit your own brand-coupon pair for our processing, if desired.
If you say that you like something, for example "I like Neon", then the brand Neon will register as one of your preferred choices for coupons.
If you say that you "hate" or "don’t like" something then that brand will be excluded from the list and will be registered as an ignored brand name.
An audible ding will follow every successful entry.
    I like neon
         >> *heard_like sound*
    I don't like alpha
         >> *low_click sound*
Class Diagram


If you don’t hear a ding for confirmation, check your user’s yaml settings or contact us for more assistance.
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