Date-Time Skill

Get Neon to speak the time, date, or day of the week of any city around the globe.
Get the local time or time for major cities around the world by prompting Neon. Times are given in 12-hour (2:30 pm) or 24-hour format (14:30) based on your settings in your user yaml file.
How to Use
First, make your request:
Say “Hey Neon” if you are in the wake words mode. Make sure to follow the pattern of “what time” or “tell me the time” for the skill to work. You can say things like "What time is it in Paris" or "tell me the time in Seattle"
Note that you don’t have to be exact with your wording of the city or country name. Neon will still match the request even if you have made a pronunciation error or typo. For example, you don't have to say "What time is it in Saint Petersburg in Russia", you can simply say or type "What time is it is st petersburg" and get the correct results.
If your request fails completely and Neon is not able to locate your desired city of country, he will reply with the phrase I could not find the time zone for {{location}}
What time is it
         >> Currently eight thirty seven
What time is it in Paris?
         >> It's five thirty seven
What's the date?
         >> It is Monday, April 1, 2019
There are multiple requirements for this skill:
All of them should have been installed automatically with Neon. However, you can install them automatically via:
source ${core}/.venv/bin/activate 
cd ${skills}/date-time.neon// 
pip --no-cache-dir install -r requirements.txt
Class Diagram
Make sure that you have all of the required packages installed by checking your .venv directory.
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