Audio-Record Skill

Record and playback short audio clips with Neon.
This Skill records audio from the microphone and allows you to play back that recording.
Note that this Skill is particularly useful when trying to diagnose microphone issues, if occurring, because it allows you to "hear" what Neon is hearing - For example. If you have multiple mic inputs or are working on the new skill that requires pure microphone feed.

How to Use

Ask Neon to start recording and open mic by saying Start recording for the specified time frame, such as 20 seconds. After the recording is complete, you can say commands to play it back or erase it. You can have as many recordings as your memory allows.


Neon start recording
    >> Starting audio recording for thirty seconds
Neon record 30 minutes of audio
    >> Recording audio for thirty minutes
Neon stop recording
    >> Audio recording stopped.
Neon playback recording
    >> *audio playback*
Neon erase audio recording
    >> Deleting


Which should be automatically installed with Neon. However, you can also manually install the package by running:
source ${core}/.venv/bin/activate 
pip --no-cache-dir install psutil
source ${core}/.venv/bin/activate
cd ${skills}/audio-record.neon/ 
pip --no-cache-dir install requirements.txt
Or system-wide:
sudo apt-get install gcc python3-dev
pip3 install psutil
Class Diagram
This skill is designed to help troubleshoot microphone issues. If you have any problems with skill’s execution, try executing the subprocess command, which is called from the skill, after filling in the placeholders -
subprocess.Popen(["arecord", "-r", str(rate), "-c", str(channels), "-d", str(duration), file_path])
Manually and see if you have similar results. You microphone issue may be system-wide or limited to Neon and this will help determine that.
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