Conversation Processing Intelligence™ and Adaptive Forums™

NeonGecko is a Conversation Processing Lab, developing advanced proprietary conversational devices and internet applications. We have launched our Adaptive Forums™ application, and it is now available on 700 websites. 

Our Research Laboratory is currently working on Conversation Processing Intelligence™ - Conversational applications based on the Mycroft AI code base - what we call AudibleAI.  Coming Soon!

Our Chat is a new, free, and easy way to keep you connected to important people in your life - your friends, family, and customers - in parallel - and now using voice! The NeonGecko Chatbox iframe is available on hundreds of websites. We are building the world's first flexible chat platform where everyone gets to hang with the people they like, and like-minded people, supporting Voice, Speech-to-Text and AudibleAI (our voice assistant software).

Check out, our Adaptive Forums™ chat client (patented), and our  "Audible AI™ Adaptive Forums" chat client (patented) - both are available in our "Chatbox iframe”.